2013-07-12 09:44 pm
2012-11-16 02:10 am
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Motorcity Fic: The Man

Well... first Motorcity ficlet-type thing that I actually have written instead of just thinking about it. Naturally, it's complete fuckin' disaster... Oh well, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.
Just ignore him, he'll go away soon. )
2012-10-11 04:32 pm

First Post. A Nothing Post As Usual.

Yup. Signed up here for... no real reason other than to have a dreamwidth account. So far, no one I knew prior to making this thing knows it exists. Whether that will change or not is another story. Oh well, back to work with my attempts at writing a Motorcity OC who isn't related to a canon character... It's likely a character chart-type thing will show up here soon.